Simple and easy to use

Simple ,with no complicated menus, ideal for the end user- for wireless ordering  or issuing a retail receipt
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Track your sales in real time

Whether you own one store or a chain of retail shops -anywhere in the world, you can track your sales and statistics  live...
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Loyalty Cards

Nowadays, modern marketing  through the  social media  and  Facebook, offers you new tools  to help you increase your sales.. You can create member cards..
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Works on all devices and it is not platform dependent  

(windows, Linux, apple, android, i-phone, i-pad)

You don’t have to buy  expensive devices to operate the retail POS System. Its unique design is based only on one tool available in every system , the browser...
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Access your business from anywhere, anytime

Never before ,has it been so easy to manage your business from anywhere in the world ,in real time!

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Connect your E.R.P with E-Liza

Have you been using an  E.R.P or a commercial package? We offer you API to interconnect with your POS  Retail System.

Now, you  don’t need complicated actualisations  anymore.

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How it works

e-liza automates the processes  of table management, wireless ordering and receipt issuing.

Wireless ordering

By using any sort of mobile device - tablet, smartphone, iPhone – the waiter  creates the order

Transmitting the order to the kitchen

Automatically , the order  is printed by a thermal  scanner in the kitchen/bar and it’s preparation begins.

Receipt printing

Simultaneously , the receipt is printed by the cash register.

Business types

e-liza is targeted at small, medium and large businesses food service whether it is a single store or chain of stores.


POS for your restaurant



PS for your coffee shop or bar-cafe



For your Bar



POS For your pizzeria store

Fast food

Fast food

POS for fast food stores



POS For your patisserie

Mini Market

POS Mini Market

For your mini market and grocery store


Retail stores

For your kiosk